April 29, 2024
National Men’s Health Awareness Month

Discover four essential ways to prioritize men's health throughout the year, including finding a fitness routine that suits your schedule and preferences, maintaining regular health examinations with your primary care doctor, dentist, and eye care specialist, and exploring strategies to reduce stress for better overall well-being. For comprehensive care and personalized attention, consider contacting Connected Health in Wexford, Pennsylvania at (724) 933-4300.

As the month of June comes to a close, it’s vital that we continue to put our best foot forward with our health. If you didn’t know, June is not only the beginning of summer, it’s also National Men’s Health Awareness Month. This particular time comes once a year in the month of June to shed a little extra light on the topic of men’s health. While June may have come and gone, this does not mean our health takes a pause, men’s health needs to be a focus of attention year-round. Below we have shared four of the best ways you can continue building a firm foundation for Men’s Health all year long.​

Find a Fitness Routine

It’s easy to find yourself motivated in your fitness journey for a short period of time, especially when you are trying to specifically do it just for the month of June. After a while, we all lose motivation to some extent and that's okay, we are all humans and it happens to everyone. However, finding a way to combat this might be easier than you think. At the end of the day, you have to enjoy what you are doing, otherwise, you will soon find any reason to not participate. For some men, it comes down to the time of day in which they enjoy getting active. Whether you are getting up bright and early or going after a long day of work, there are benefits to both. 

When you get up early and get your blood moving before you start your day, many people feel more energy throughout the day. This is due to the fact of your increased blood flow that happens when you exercise. When you wait to exercise after your day has finished, you may also experience more energy during your workout. This is because you have had all day to fuel your body with the nutrients from the food you have eaten. While both have their benefits, finding one that works best with your schedule and most importantly, what you enjoy, can be the only change you need to make. 

Maintain Your Health Examinations

Prioritizing our health all year long only works if we stay on top of our annual checkups. While it can be a pain to set up appointments with a busy schedule, it is vital that we do so. If you are in need of a new primary care doctor or you just don’t have one, there are many accessible from the comfort of your own couch. Some even offer more personalized care to ensure you are getting the right care at the right time. 

While checking up with your primary care doctor is amongst the highest priority, there are also other health examinations that you need to be staying on top of annually. For starters, annual visits to your dentist are crucial in maintaining oral hygiene and health. Having the best smile you can while enjoying all of life's happiest moments is important. You should at least go to the dentist twice a year to maintain your oral health. Teeth cleanings two times a year not only guarantees cleanliness but, it also gives your plenty of time to catch anything that could go wrong in advance. 

Lastly is your annual visits to your eye care specialist. Your eyes are the only way that you can see everything this beautiful life has to offer so, staying up to date with your annual eye exams is critical. Most men tend to put this off the most because many think that they don’t need to go if they can still see. The reason you should do to your eye doctor annually is because your vision changes daily in small increments. Over time, we don’t notice it because it is so minor. If you find that your schedule is just so jam-packed that you can’t seem to find time to go to an appointment, look online. There are many reasons to go to the eye doctor, from getting an eye exam to buying a new pair of eyeglasses online, you can do just about anything from the comfort of your own home. Use June to schedule your annual health check-ups as a foundation for the rest of the year. You can only build your health on this foundation if it's strong and maintained. 

Find Ways To Reduce Stress

We all know that stress in life is something that will never go away, but what we can do is minimize the impact so we can manage it. Thankfully, the year 2022 has shed some important light on mental health so the conversations being had around this subject have become much easier to be had. If you find yourself in high-stress environments daily, finding a way to completely eliminate this or manage it is important. 

To start, try talking to someone. Whether this is your significant other, a friend, or even an online therapist. Talking helps because it offers helpful insights into areas where you may have run into a roadblock on. In addition, just talking about your struggles with stress, in general, can help. Cutting stress out of your life can lead to a much more enjoyable life as increased amounts of stress have been linked to heightened amounts of headaches, sore or tense muscles, and even long-term pain.

We hope that June has been the sign that you needed to put your best foot forward in your journey with health. Overall, our health is the most important thing that we have, and maintaining it ensures that we live our longest, healthiest lives possible. 

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