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The entire philosophy behind concierge medicine revolves around breaking away from a one-size-fits-all format of healthcare, instead turning our focus on a custom, personalized patient experience. That’s why we offer a variety of membership packages designed to suit your individual needs.

Primary Care

Concierge care prioritizes preventative care, unlike traditional healthcare. With concierge care, your physician can provide personalized attention to keep you healthier longer. Individual, Couple, or Family plans are available for Concierge Primary Care Membership.

Home Primary Care

Connected Health is revolutionizing primary care in Pittsburgh by bringing back the house call with a modern twist. Our concierge house call service provides personalized and advanced care for your entire family, without the hassle of waiting rooms or long commutes.

Executive Care

At Connected Health, we offer two Executive Physical plans tailored to meet the needs of busy executives. Our plans offer a wide range of benefits to help you optimize your health and wellness. Explore our options today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you.

How it Works

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Call or click the button below to schedule a meet and greet with a doctor to make sure we are a good fit for you.
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Initial Physical

Your membership starts with a two-hour physical. During this extensive, in-person visit, our team will get to know you and your lifestyle as well as your medical history and goals for your overall health.
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Meet with a Provider

Following your extensive fasting-lab work, an EKG, and in-depth discussion with your physician.

During your talk with the provider, you will develop a plan to meet your personal health goals.
Out Reach

Have 24/7 Access

You are empowered to take charge of your health with open contact with your medical team 24/7 via our secure app. Schedule unlimited office or virtual visits for sick and wellness check-ups.
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You Control Your Health Journey

What's in an Annual Physical?

Did you know all areas of your health journey can be personalized? This includes  tests and exams during your annual physical. What is standard may not be comprehensive for your specific medical needs. Knowing the baseline tests required for your age is the best place to start.

Download this free PDF guide to Annual Physicals.

What's Included?

Annual Health Exams
Quarterly Health Exams
Blood Work
Specialized Health Screenings
Women's Healthcare
Men's Healthcare
Adult ADHD Screening
Depression Screening
Travel Consultations
Personal Training
Physical Therapy
Pain Management

À La Carte Services

Discover our à la carte services at Connected Health, where you can access exceptional healthcare without a membership commitment.  Experience healthcare on your terms with our exceptional à la carte services at Connected Health.

Aesthetics And Skincare

Connected Health is excited to help you look and feel your best. Our skin health specialist, Kaya Merzlak, CRNP, is a concierge aesthetic & family nurse practitioner. With 10+ years in medicine, she is an extensively trained American Academy of Facial Aesthetics fellow holding numerous national certifications in facial anatomy and preventative treatment techniques.

Connected Health offers appointments for:

Sanitas Skincare® product/regimen consultations
Allergan injectables of Botox
Allergan injectables of Dermal Fillers

Connected Heart Program and Healthy Athlete Physicals

It's time to take your athlete's heart health seriously. The primary goal of the Connected Heart screening program is to help identify athletes who have undiagnosed or unrecognized cardiovascular abnormalities that place them at a higher risk for sudden cardiac arrest. Included in this program is a comprehensive physical exam, EKG (electrocardiogram), and an Echocardiogram (in-depth heart assessment).

Improve your game with a Comprehensive Sports Physical from Connected Health. Don't settle for a quick appointment that only provides a piece of paper with a signature. Our three levels of Comprehensive Sports Physicals are competitively priced to give every athlete the preparation they need for the sports season.

Aviation Medicine

CLASS I, II & III Medical Examinations

Those who work in aviation are responsible for keeping people safe while they fly, but who’s looking out for them? Whether you’re a pilot, air traffic controller, or another type of aviation professional, you need to put your trust in a high-quality Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) who focuses on your health and well-being.

At Connected Health, we provide concierge aviation medical services that seek to provide you with the most comprehensive, individualized flight physicals and aeromedical consultations available. Where other AMEs are concerned with getting you in and out of their office as quickly as possible, the concierge providers at Connected Health are dedicated to making time for each patient, thoroughly answering any questions you have, and truly ensuring that you’re all set to fly.

Ready to break the mold and receive the personalized aviation medical services you deserve? Schedule your first consultation with the AMEs at Connected Health today!

Immigration Medical Exams

Our state of the art facility promotes ease and comfort when conducting your immigration physical. Our doctors are USCIS certified and have your paperwork completed between three and five business days.

Ready to experience the very best healthcare you deserve? Schedule your immigration physical appointment at Connected Health today!

Physical Therapy

If you’ve been injured, you’re considering a surgical procedure, or you’re in recovery after surgery, physical therapy is not an option but a necessity. That said, not all physical therapy is created equal, and many traditional physical therapists are focused less on your individual recovery and more on getting you out the door.

Connected Health's Mission

Our driving passion at Connected Health is to empower and educate the community to play a leading role in their health with primary care as the foundation.

You no longer have to settle for the unacceptable. We offer concierge experience fit for individuals, families, and companies of all sizes.  

Appointments start on time.

Friendly and helpful staff.

A medical team you know, and knows you.

A luxury experience every time.

You're in charge of your healthcare.

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