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Connected Health

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Connected Health is a membership-based concierge primary care practice truly designed around your needs.

Your Doctor is There for you Anytime, Anywhere

What our Patients are Saying

"Dr. Andy offered a level of comfort and expertise during my physical exam. He really took the time to evaluate each aspect of my health and made sure I felt good about each area before moving forward. The one-on-one time with Dr. Andy is unmatched by any primary care office I have been to. I would highly recommend him and the entire Connected Health team if you are searching for a more personal, catered medical experience."
B. Garbade, Connected Health À La Carte Physical 

"Without hesitation I can say that Dr. Andy saved my career and likely my life. Being healthy to enjoy life and be there for my wife and children is priceless. I highly recommend the team and Connected Health."
Y. Kossovsky, Connected Health Patient 

"I’ve had many physicals in my life, from the Air Force and my PCP, but nothing compared to this.  When Dr. Andy concluded his examination, he found that I needed to see an ophthalmologist for an eye condition, had a thyroid concern that needed attention, and several other less serious medical concerns, all of which were never known or addressed by previous doctors’ visits or physicals...
I can’t even explain how significant it is to get a screening that picks up so many things your normal practitioner or physical would fail to look for or will never think about your health the same again."
J. Hedges, Connected Health Executive Physical

True Preventative Care