August 24, 2023
Back to Basics: Concierge Primary Home Care

Experience personalized and convenient healthcare from the comfort of your home with Connected Health's Concierge Primary Home Care in Wexford, Pennsylvania, offering annual exams, blood draws, health screenings, vaccinations, and even COVID-19 testing, accessible to your entire family, including pediatric care, family medicine, and visits to nursing homes or independent living facilities. Schedule your first consultation today and prioritize your well-being with our patient-focused approach.

At Connected Health, we’re bringing it back to old-fashioned home visits. Get personalized care from the comfort of your own home with Concierge Primary Home Care.

Most of the time, when you go to the doctor you can expect to be waiting around 25 minutes in a waiting room. Even once you’re inside, you still have to wait another 15 minutes for a doctor to come to see you, only for them to spend a total of 10 minutes in the room. This entire experience can feel very impersonal and insignificant. You’ve moved things around in your busy schedule just to be left with an unsatisfied feeling, and maybe even left without your health concerns being heard because they were pushing you out the door.

At Connected Health, we are breaking the mold of that system because our focus is on you, the patient. We are taking it back to the old-fashioned house call with home visits: personalized, preventative care in the comfort of your own home.

What is Concierge Home Care?

Concierge doctors have fewer patients, which means they have more time to spend one-on-one with you. With fewer patients and a more open schedule, your doctor can come to your home and provide you with safe, accessible, convenient care.

Connected Health is dedicated to providing preventative care, instead o3f reactive care. With preventative care when you want it, where you want it, you can confidently stay in good health instead of reacting to a health issue.

What Services Are Provided in Home?

Concierge home care provides a number of personalized services, including:

  • Annual health and Wellness exams - We provide annual health exams and wellness exams, for children and adults, to practice preventative care.
  • Blood draws - We can perform blood draws at your home to test for any health issues.
  • Health screenings - We perform health screenings to test for any diseases before you have any symptoms.
  • Vaccinations - We offer routine vaccinations from the comfort of your own home.
  • COVID-19 testing - We can test for Covid-19 right at your home!

Who is Eligible For Home Care?

Primary home care is not just for adults. Anyone in your family has access to it! We have a number of different care options accessible to you in your home.

Our care includes:

  • Pediatric care - The one-on-one care that your child deserves.
  • Family medicine - Personalized one on one care for your entire family.
  • Nursing Home visits or Independent Living Facilities - Home care isn’t exclusive to your household, we can deliver personalized care to other living facilities as well.
  • Regularly scheduled primary care - Your routine doctor’s visit can be done from your home instead of the office.

We can also treat the whole family in one home visit, ensuring your entire household stays healthy and happy.

There is no one-size-fits-all for healthcare, and we understand that at Connected Health. We bring you personalized care straight to your own home. If you would like to try Concierge Home Care, schedule your first consultation today.

Connected Health in Wexford, Pennsylvania is a concierge primary medicine practice that believes strongly in putting the focus back on the patient. We will deliver personalized care to you in your own home. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, learn more about our concierge care services, or want to explore your membership options, give us a call at (724) 933-4300. You can also book an appointment online!

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