August 24, 2023
The Difference I Can Make​

Discover a patient-centered approach to healthcare with direct primary care, which eliminates long wait times, provides extended consultations, after-hours access, and the convenience of communication through calls, texts, or emails, resulting in faster diagnosis, treatment, and recovery while saving money without the involvement of insurance companies. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about the difference direct primary care can make for you.

The average time it takes to see a traditional primary care doctor is 24 days. The average wait time in the waiting room is 25 minutes and when you finally get into the exam room, you may experience an additional 16 minutes of, you guessed it, waiting. It’s frustrating for patients and physicians alike as the pressure increases for docs to see more patients in less time because of insurance companies and healthcare systems.

When you consider the average time allotted to see your doctor is just 15 minutes, it’s easy to see how questions, concerns and even diagnoses get overlooked or lost in this care model.

This is unfortunate when you consider that research shows that greater use of primary care is associated with lower costs, higher patient satisfaction, fewer hospitalizations and emergency department visits, and lower mortality. It’s because it is so difficult for people to access primary care the way it should be – timely, simple and convenient. As a result of the perceived hassle, many people just skip the preventative visits and wait until they are sick to see their primary care physician.  

What makes direct primary care different is time and attention. Less time to wait for an appointment. More time with the doctor instead of waiting to see the doctor. Expanded time and access to a doctor after hours, on weekends, 24/7 for those questions that keep you up at night. It’s a patient-centered model, not a process-centered model. It allows the doctor freedom to have extended conversations about the patient’s overall health and wellness goals. It’s allowing the patient the time to discuss all options as it relates to medication, treatments, and other recommendations.

And, it works. Direct primary care can accelerate the process of patient diagnosis, treatment and recovery. It can eliminate trips to the ER or even the doctor’s office as patient’s can text, call or email their physician to ask if a symptom or injury needs to be seen in the office. And, it saves money. Without insurance companies involved in the process, and a flat fee per month, patients are spending less overall.

Want to understand how this method of medicine might be right for you, check out our video of Dr. Andy discussing the difference he believes he can make with direct primary care.

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