August 24, 2023

How Can An Executive Health Program Help You?

Discover the benefits of executive wellness programs at Connected Health in Pittsburgh, offering comprehensive care, personalized services, and added perks to prioritize your health while managing your professional responsibilities.

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Why Executive Wellness Programs? | Connect Health - PittsburghWhy Executive Wellness Programs? | Connect Health – Pittsburgh

At Connected Health, we understand how hard it can be to juggle both work and health, so we’ve designed a perfect program for the hard-working individual in Pittsburgh.

In this day and age, it’s hard to have time for everything. When you are running a company, building your own business, or in charge of operations at your job, the responsibilities can easily pile up. While you are sure to be successful in your field by prioritizing your work, you also need to prioritize your health. At Connected Health, we understand how hard it can be to juggle both, so we’ve designed a program that’s perfect for the hard-working individual.

With Executive Physicals, you can receive individualized care services to keep your mind at ease, as well as that of your family and coworkers. We offer two plans for those interested in executive healthcare, with a variety of benefits.

Vice Presidential Plan

With the Vice Presidential Plan, you will receive comprehensive care including a two hour physical. In this physical, you can understand your full medical history, get an in-depth lab review of bloodwork with a physician, screening for multiple conditions, in-depth medication reviews, and more. You can also receive evaluations for multiple services such as vaccinations, pain management, aesthetic and travel consultations.

The Vice Presidential Plan also offers a wide range of benefits including:

  • Coordination of follow-ups.
  • Same-day or next-day appointments.
  • One 60 minute personal training session.
  • One 60 minute massage therapy appointment.
  • Unlimited access to a physician, whether it be for visits, questions, or care planning.
  • 10% discount on Botox, Juvederm, and Skincare products.
  • 10% discount on a Membership to the Connected Health Boutique Pharmacy.

With this plan, you have unlimited access to excellent care as well as additional benefits to fit all of your needs.

Presidential Plan

With the Presidential Plan, you receive all of the perks of the VP plan, and then some. In your executive physical, not only will you receive lab reviews of bloodwork, medication reviews, screenings and evaluations, but you will also have access to:

  • DNA testing and review with a genetic counselor.
  • Food sensitivity testing and review with a dietician.
  • Micronutrition testing and review with a dietician.
  • Grail cancer screening and review with a physician.

In addition to the four evaluations and consultations that come with the VP plan, the presidential plan also includes a concierge skincare consultation and a physical therapy consultation.

There are even more benefits in this package than that of the VP. The benefits that are exclusive to the Presidential plan are:

  • Two 60 minute personal training sessions.
  • One 90 minute massage therapy appointment.
  • One pain management treatment session such as dry needling, trigger point injections, acupuncture, and more.
  • 20% discount on Botox, Juvederm, and Skincare products.
  • 20% discount on a membership to the Connected Health Boutique Pharmacy.

The Presidential packages offer you exceptional care with added benefits for your comfort and wellness.

Why An Executive Health Program?

As an irreplaceable asset to your company, you are eligible for executive healthcare. Executive physicals offer comprehensive care that goes beyond the standard physical exam, as you have the opportunity to identify health problems before symptoms occur. With extensive testing and added benefits, you can rest assured that you are in good health while you work hard for your company and your family.

Either package of our executive health program is a great choice. As a busy professional, you are likely used to putting others’ needs before your own. With Executive Physicals, you can put yourself first while maintaining your hardworking lifestyle. When you sign up for Executive Health, you will receive extensive care with a full overview of your health and medical history, along with excellent benefits. If you are interested in trying the Executive Health program, schedule an appointment at Connected Health today.

Connected Health in Wexford, Pennsylvania is a concierge primary medicine practice that believes strongly in putting the focus back on the patient. We offer a variety of services ranging from primary care to fitness programs. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, learn more about our care services, or want to explore your membership options, give us a call at (724) 933-4300. You can also book an appointment online!

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