You take care of your company, but who's taking care of you?

Concierge Executive Physicals

Whether it’s owning a business or being at the helm of a major corporation, the physical, mental, and emotional stress of leadership can cause health concerns. It’s time you put yourself first.

Investing in an Executive Physical can provide peace of mind to you, your family, and your company.

At Connected Health, we offer two plans for leaders who are interested in Executive Physicals, each with its own benefits. The list of options under both plans is not limited exclusively to those features.
Executive Health Services
Medical History & Medication Review
Complete Physical
Comprehensive Testing
Vaccination Review
Travel Health Consult
And more!

Vice Presidential

You will receive a complete history and physical exam from our concierge primary care physician. This will include blood work, EKG, spirometry, vision and hearing exams, and a review of your overall health.  Along with meeting your concierge physician, we will introduce you to your wellness team: a nutritionist, physical therapist, pharmacist, and personal trainer.
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You will receive all of the benefits of the Vice Presidential Plan as well as DNA testing & review with a genetic counselor, Food Sensitivity testing & review with a dietitian, Grail Cancer screening & review with a physician, Micronutrient testing & review with a dietitian, more personal training sessions, larger discounts on skincare products, and more!
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Do you accept insurance for Executive Health programs?
Connected Health does not participate with any insurance company, and our membership fees are not covered by insurance. If you’re a business owner interested in partnering with us, reach out to us online or give us a call so we can discuss your payment options in relation to your needs.
Do you offer healthcare services for my employees as well?
Yes! Reach out to our office to learn more.
Do you offer group discounts?
Yes, we offer group discounts for companies and their executive teams. Please call
724-933-4300 for pricing information.
How easily accessible is your facility?
Connected Health is conveniently located in Wexford, off of Route 19. Easy parking, no waiting, no hassle!
How do I get started with Connected Health?
We make scheduling your first appointment as easy as possible. Just fill out the form on our website, and one of our team members will reach out to make sure you fully understand our program and all the benefits that you’ll receive from our services. More comfortable speaking on the phone? No problem! Give us a call at (724) 933-4300

For those who want better when it comes to their health.

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