August 24, 2023
How Are You, Really?

Discover 5 ways to stay positive and prioritize your mental health during uncertain times, including being kind to yourself, practicing mindfulness, being aware of your media consumption, focusing on relationships, and maintaining a physical routine, with the help of Connected Health's monitoring instrument for depression screening and diagnosis.

How much time each day do you spend focusing on the positive aspects of your life? COVID-19 has caused a bundle of stress for almost everyone. Whether it be a sick loved one, job loss, or overwhelming emotions, these times are very uncertain and can cause a strain on our well-being. Discussing mental health, especially in the workplace, is a tough subject for some. It’s one thing if someone tells you to, “stay positive” but it’s another if you talk about why you feel the way you do and start seeing the possibilities that weren’t as visible to you as before.

We, at Connected Health, understand these barriers and have tried to eliminate the stigma around talking about mental health. Being able to communicate your feelings while embracing the positive aspects of your life can make a huge difference. In fact, research shows that positive thinking can significantly improve your mental health, your self-esteem, your attitude, and even your confidence.

Connected Health’s Dr. Andy uses a monitoring instrument for screening, diagnosing, and measuring the severity of depression on all of his concierge primary care patients. Make your mental health a priority.

We have come up with a list of 5 ways to stay optimistic in times like these:

  • Be Kind to Yourself : Be able to acknowledge the emotional challenges you are facing and realize that you are not alone in that millions of people are experiencing those same obstacles. You could go on a hike, start a new hobby, or find something you genuinely enjoy doing, and factor it into your daily schedule.
  • Practice Mindfulness : Focus your attention on being present and train yourself to recognize and drown out the negative. Whether this be taking 10 minutes a day to meditate and gather your thoughts, or practicing yoga, find a relaxing technique that works for you. 
  • Be Aware : If you are watching a lot of negative news stories, or dealing with your employees concerns, this can have a direct effect on your attitude. Be aware of what information you take in and how it effects your mood. 
  • Focus on the people in your life : During these times, we have been forced to stay in the same household and really get to know one another; cherish this time & try helping each other. Helping others gives people various positive mental and physical health benefits.
  • Maintain a Physical Routine : Taking care of your body and your mind go hand in hand. Research shows that 10 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day is enough to significantly improve mood functioning, which has been shown to help people improve their ability to regulate emotions and experience greater well-being. 

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