October 6, 2023
Concierge Medicine: What It Means & How It Benefits Patients

Discover the benefits of concierge medicine, including round-the-clock access to your primary care physician, unlimited office visits, thorough physical exams, and comprehensive care for the whole family, with Connected Health in Wexford, Pennsylvania.

Concierge medicine is a special healthcare model that fosters a close relationship between doctor and patient. It emphasizes personalized, preventive, 24/7 care, and boasts much higher patient satisfaction rates. Our blog explains how a concierge care physician can benefit you and your family.

Between the waiting room and the exam room, the average patient spends 41 minutes waiting to be seen by their primary care physician after their scheduled appointment time. Once the doctor comes in, he or she typically devotes just 15 minutes or less of their time to the patient. 


For this reason and many others, people in the United States have grown frustrated and dissatisfied with the traditional model of healthcare. According to the Physicians Foundation, the majority of doctors see up to 20 patients a day. That explains why it takes so long to get an appointment, be seen once you’re in the office, and have such a limited amount of time to spend talking to your PCP about your health concerns. 


Concierge care was developed to change this flawed system. By eliminating the coding, billing and collections procedures that burden conventional healthcare settings, concierge doctors are able to devote dramatically more time with each of their patients, and put a greater emphasis on preventive care. 


What Is Concierge Medicine?


Concierge care is a type of healthcare delivery model that gives patients 24/7 access to their primary care doctor in exchange for an annual fee. This empowers physicians to limit the size of their practices so they can develop direct, personalized relationships with their patients. 


Concierge care used to be thought of as a service that was only accessible in affluent areas, but this is no longer the case. Many physicians are moving to concierge care models to provide better clinical outcomes to a variety of patient bases at an affordable cost. 


What Are The Benefits Of Concierge Medicine?


  • Round-The-Clock Physician Access


Imagine calling your doctor when you’re sick and being able to see them the same day. Concierge care patients enjoy same-day appointments, as well as 24/7 access to their doctor via phone, text, or video chat. This enables a concierge doctor to develop a close relationship with each and every one of their patients, ensuring that they receive both proactive and preventative care that meets all of their unique health needs. This is of particular benefit to patients with chronic illnesses that require ongoing evaluations. 


  • Unlimited Office Visits


Concierge care patients don’t have to worry about spacing out their appointments or only seeing their physician when a serious health issue arises. When you have a concierge physician, you’re allowed to schedule as many office visits as you need. This is another reason why concierge medicine is an excellent way to ensure that all of your physical and mental health needs are met year-round. 


  • Thorough, Unrushed Physical Exams


Bound by high patient loads and time constraints, most primary care doctors spend about 30 minutes performing a physical. Under a concierge care model, you can expect your doctor to spend up to two hours with you on your first appointment, thoroughly reviewing your medical history, current lifestyle, future goals, and overall well being. 


  • One-Stop Care For The Whole Family 


 Whether you need healthcare for you and your partner or your entire family, concierge medicine services have you covered. When you choose the same concierge doctor for every member of your family, your physician comes to better understand your family’s medical history and health predispositions. When all of your family’s medical records are in one place, this helps both you and your doctor better manage your family’s health needs. 

Connected Health in Wexford, Pennsylvania is a concierge primary medicine practice that believes strongly in putting the focus back on the patient. We connect our patients not just with physicians, but also pharmacists, personal trainers and registered nutritionists. If you’d like to learn more about our concierge care services or want to explore your membership options, give us a call at (724) 933-4300. You can also book an appointment online!

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