April 26, 2024
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10 Health Trends to Watch in 2024

Connected Health stays on top of the latest developments in personal health. Check out our take on the top 10 health trends to watch in 2024.

Watch These Health Trends in 2024

Closing out the first week of January, many of us are headed back to work or school. If you were able to enjoy two nice long weekends in a row, you’re feeling refreshed and ready to face 2024, come what may. Here is al ook at recent trends in health for the coming twelve months.

 1.   Correcting Metabolic Dysfunction

Metabolic dysfunction is when changes in your body occur that hinder your ability to turn food into energy and get rid of waste. Many primary care doctors will congratulate you on getting older, while others understand the struggles inherent in packing on pounds without explanation. In this article, HealthLine dot com claims that only 12% of Americans are metabolically healthy.

Correcting metabolic dysfunction is almost as easy as losing weight. Except, losing weight is difficult for most people. Insulin resistance, one of the leading causes of obesity, often goes undiagnosed even though it can be tied to many diseases that can be fatal. Recognizing and treating metabolic dysfunction in 2024 will set so many on a path of healthier and longer lives.  

 2.   Light Therapies

Alternative medicines take turns in the headlines all year round. In 2024, red light therapy is on its way out as a trend. Even though there are thousands of peer-reviewed articles, these boutique-style treatments have yet to gain any significant evidence for treating specific conditions.

Instead, look more toward light therapy boxes that treat seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. These lamps deliver a specifically measured dose of bright light to mimic sunshine without harmful UV light and are clinically proven to help with your winter blues.

 3.   Sleep

Getting eight hours of sleep is no longer reserved for elementary school and retirement. Sleeping through the night is essential to allowing your body to rest and reset. Sleep can play a big role in your weight, mental health, and even your immune system.

It is a common belief that your quality of sleep decreases as you age. However, we age faster because of poor sleep. In 2024, many people are setting hard boundaries around their bedtime routine. Subtle habit changes can make all the difference.

 4.    Proactive and Preventative Care

Finding serious conditions before any significant symptoms is trending upward. More women, regardless of age, are getting mammograms.Those who are of age are opting for ultrasounds and even MRIs for more accuracy. A blood test is also available to screen annually for over 50 types of cancers.

Prevention of diseases like type 2 diabetes, loss of bone density, and metabolic dysfunction are beginning in younger health-centric demographics. There is a shift to investing in health, much like a retirement fund. Forward thinkers are eager to establish healthy habits to benefit in their later years.

 5.   Wearable Devices

This is not a new trend, but in 2024 the tech is getting better. FitBit and Apple watch are now considered beginner toys compared to offerings like Whoop and Oura Ring. All the inconveniences of having yet another screen, poor battery life, and limited placement options are solved with these new devices.

Besides better analytics, these devices can help inch you, number-by-number, to better health. No more guessing how many calories you’re burning or if you slept well. All of your fitness and movement data is stored on the app for when you’re ready to look at it.

 6.   Mindfulness Apps

Meditation apps are nothing new but are coming in strong in2024. Zen seekers use apps like InsightTimer, Calm, and HeadSpace to ease anxiety, boost productivity, and get better sleep all without breaking the bank.

 7.   IV Therapy

If you have trouble refilling your water bottle, IV therapy has many benefits. This FSA eligible treatment can be infused with high-dose vitamins to boost your immune system or help with inflammation. They are great for recovering from strenuous activities or can help treat conditions like hyperemesis during pregnancy while avoiding costly emergency rooms.

Keeping hydrated is great for your skin, your digestive track, and helps you think more clearly.

 8.   Whole Food

During COVID, many people started home gardens, creating a brand-new movement toward whole food. Even the latest political news has more people buying local at farmers' markets or directly from the farm. Here in theNorth Hills of Pittsburgh, we have an abundance of locally grown and sourced food.

Among the countless advantages of removing processed, mass-produced foods from your diet are improving sleep and correcting metabolic dysfunction.

 9.    Kicking Booze

Dry January is upon us, but many more people are taking the year away from alcohol. The mocktail industry is as strong as ever, allowing people to remain social with driver-friendly beverages.

In 2024, more people are discovering the detriments of alcohol consumption far outweigh any advantages. Abstaining from drinking can lower your blood sugar, lower your blood pressure, and improve existing conditions like depression, rosacea, other skin conditions, and insomnia.

 10. Personalized Healthcare

Recognizing that primary care was designed to be the foundation of your whole health is on the rise. More people are making the move away from traditional, insurance-governing primary care to functional medicine and concierge care. These membership-based models remove the insurance gatekeeper and allow you to have a proper working relationship with your PCP.Instead of seeing a stranger once a year for five minutes, you can connect with your doctor constantly to stay on track with your health goals.

 Where Can You Find All These Health Trends?

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