August 24, 2023
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The Ultimate Skincare Holiday Gift Guide

Discover the ultimate skincare holiday gift guide featuring crowd-pleasing Sanitas Skincare products, including a brightening hand cream, a mix and mask trio, a three-step routine for teenagers, a bright favorites set, and a hyaluronic acid serum, perfect for anyone looking to enhance their skincare routine and achieve a radiant complexion, all available for convenient ordering and shipping.

We have your last minute gifts covered. These Sanitas Skincare products are guaranteed crowd pleasers and perfect for those new to topical skincare.

With the holidays in full swing there’s no better time to secure those last-minute gifts for loved ones. With the help of our skin health expert, Kaya Merzlak, CRNP, we put together a Holiday Gift Guide with our top picks for just about everyone on your list!

  • 1. Brightening Hand Cream - $26

Perfect for: Teachers, party hosts, hair stylists, stocking stuffers

Winter skin craves this ultra-rich cream. Mango seed butter and rosehip oil leaves hands softer, smoother, and hydrated.

  • 2. Holiday ReTreat Mix & Mask Trio - $50

Perfect for: Mom, sister, girlfriend

These pre-packaged holiday sets are a guaranteed crowd pleaser and perfect for those new to topical skincare. Our limited-edition Holiday ReTreat Mix & Mask Trio is a set of three masking minis that target all skin concerns (but are gentle enough for all skin types). This kit comes pre-wrapped in a giftable package and offers a great opportunity for a fun holiday masking party after gifts are exchanged! The recipient will be gifted a firm, clear, radiant complexion through the holidays and beyond.

  • 3. Three Step RouTEEN - $99

Perfect for: the teenager who could use some help feeling clear and confident

Here’s a kit every teen will appreciate, especially if they struggle with excess oil or breakouts. It’s a trio of blemish stoppers and oil free skincare that decongests pores, targets bacteria, and gives teen skin the lightweight hydration it needs to stay healthy and clear.

  • 4. Bright Favorites Set - $119

Perfect for: Your bestie who needs a simple way to get glowing

This simple, curated routine is perfect for the season and makes it easy to revive dull winter skin. It’s glow-up in a bag containing a vitamin C charged cleanser, brightening pads and a radiance-boosting and ultra-nourishing perfecting serum. First, Lemon Cream Cleanser gently cleanses skin while dosing it with brightening vitamin C. Next, Brightening Peel Pads knock the dull off lackluster skin, revealing healthy, fresh layers. Finally, Vita C Serum offers mega hydration and leaves skin with a radiant glow.

  • 5. Hyaluronic Acid $199

Perfect for: Just about anyone who wants to level up their skincare routine

A companion serum that boosts the effectiveness of hydration products. The gold standard for moisture retention. Use for an instant plumping effect. Skin appears softer, firmer, and more volumized.

We have your holiday shopping covered! If you would like to place an order, please call 724-933-4300 – we can ship directly to you! And to book a consult with our skin health specialist, click here.

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