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Sports Physicals in Greater Pittsburgh

Accessible Sports Medicine Physical Exams

Every athlete deserves to have a physical that truly prepares them for the sports season, not a quick appointment whose only result is a piece of paper with a signature. That’s why we offer our Comprehensive Sports Physicals at one competitive price!

Comprehensive Sports Physical: $50

  • Sports Health Risk Assessment: We use this screening tool to collect your or your child’s health information, allowing us to predict and target potential health risks before they become a problem.
  • EKG & Sport Specific Recommendations: An electrocardiogram monitors the heart's electrical activity to help determine if a person has undiagnosed cardiac abnormalities.
  • Virtual Access to our Dedicated Physician: Following your physical, you’ll have virtual access to our dedicated sports health & wellness physician during your sports season.
  • Completion of all school or league paperwork, including Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) if needed


Young Adults Playing Football

Proactive Physicals for Athletes of All Ages

Sports Medicine Doctors - Pittsburgh, PA

Preventive care is a highly beneficial methodology for anyone’s health, but for athletes, it can mean the difference between playing a full season and being sidelined by an injury or underlying condition. At Connected Health, our comprehensive sports physical includes the following elements to keep you or your child safe before hitting the field:

  • Completion of all school or league paperwork, including Therapeutic Use
  • Exemption (TUE) if needed
  • Comprehensive, pre-participation physical exam
  • Sports health risk assessment questionnaire
  • Baseline Concussion Testing
  • Screening EKG and urine dipstick test to assess heart and kidney function

If you’re ready to schedule a physical that will truly prepare you and your family for the sports season, let’s get started. Reach out to us and schedule your appointment now!

Preventative Physicals for the Sports Season

Comprehensive Sports Physicals

For many children, teens, and adult athletes alike, the start of a new sports season is one of the most exciting times of the year. But when you get caught up in that excitement and forget to take some essential steps, you may be opening yourself up to potential injury. 

Preventative sports physicals are essential to the wellbeing of any athlete, and nobody does preventive care like Connected Health. We proudly offer comprehensive sports physicals that are uniquely designed to catch potential problems before they happen. By treating you preventatively, we allow you or your child to hit the field, rink, pool, or court with some reassurance

Your preseason sports physical shouldn’t be optional -- it’s an essential part of being a healthy athlete! If you’re ready to get the peace of mind you and your family deserve, schedule your first consultation with Connected Health and get started today.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do I or my child need a sports physical?

Even if your league or school does not require certain documentation that your doctor can fill out at a physical, having a comprehensive exam prior to the sports season can prevent you or your child from becoming injured or triggering an undetected condition that puts them at risk while they play.


What is included in the “virtual access” I receive following my physical?

Following one of our sports physicals, you and your family will have full access to our dedicated sports medicine specialist via phone, text, and video.

Can I use insurance to pay for services at Connected Health?

Connected Health does not participate with any insurance company. The membership fee is not covered by insurance. Individuals who want to be part of a smaller, more personalized service pay this fee directly out of pocket. While we understand this is a different model than many patients are used to, data shows that comprehensive primary care actually saves patients money over the long term. 

How do I get started with Connected Health?

We make scheduling your first appointment as easy as possible. Just fill out the form on our website, and one of our team members will reach out to make sure you fully understand our program and pricing. 

More comfortable speaking on the phone? No problem! Give us a call at (724) 933-4300.