August 24, 2023
Travel Smarter!

Discover the benefits of taking time off to travel and how to ensure a worry-free trip by following pre-holiday travel steps, including checking vaccination status, discussing medications with healthcare professionals, and relying on Connected Health for comprehensive travel health and wellness planning.


Studies show that taking time off to travel not only gives you a breather from work, it also boosts your health, state of mind and overall well-being. Studies also show we are happiest in the months leading up to a big trip. Planning ahead for things that could go wrong can help ensure nothing preventable ruins your trip.

Pre-holiday travel steps you can take (start at least 2 months before):

• Check the CDC website and enter your destination under Travelers’ Health.

• Make sure all of your vaccines are up to date. Pay special attention to Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Hepatitis A and Influenza vaccines.

• If you are unsure about your vaccination status, check with your PCP.

• Talk to your pharmacist about recommended supplies for your trip.

• Boost immunity prior to travel

Ask the right questions – consider medications for the following categories:

• Altitude and sea sickness, motion sickness, illness, bug bites, rashes, allergies, bumps, bruises, pain, anxiety, sleep, jet lag and sunburn just to name a few.

• Check airline rules for traveling with your current prescriptions.

• Consider asking your doctor for a letter explaining what prescriptions you are taking and why.

Not all PCP’s and not all pharmacies are knowledgeable about travel health and wellness. At Connected Health, your PCP AND your pharmacist can collaborate with you to come up with a travel health and wellness plan.

At Connected Health, we want to make sure your biggest worry is when to schedule your massage and where to have your next meal!

You planned your trip…let us take care of the what if’s!

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