August 24, 2023
Physical Health
Is Your Business Making you Sick?

Discover the Connected Health Executive Wellness Program, tailored to meet the unique healthcare needs of CEOs and business leaders, offering comprehensive executive physicals, proactive preventative care, and peace of mind to combat the detrimental health effects of leadership stress and demanding lifestyles.

Being a CEO or running your own business should come with a warning label: may cause stress, weight gain, hypertension and other conditions. Whether it’s owning a business or being at the helm of a major corporation, the physical, mental and emotional stress of leadership can lead to some serious health problems.

In fact, a study done by the Mayo Clinic found that the average executive works more, sleeps less, struggles with work/life balance and remains sedentary most of the workday. This lifestyle is proven to lead to higher incidence of heart disease, depression and diabetes.

Because business leaders have demanding schedules and hectic lifestyles, they require a different kind of primary care. They don’t have time to wait weeks for an appointment or hours in a waiting room. They need a more responsive, proactive and preventative solution for their way of life.

At Connected Health we understand the need for leaders to have a primary care solution that fits their life, which is why we created the Connected Health Executive Wellness Program.

At the core of the program is the comprehensive Executive Physical which includes an extensive examination, physical fitness and nutrition evaluations, bloodwork, hearing and vision screenings, and other consults and tests as deemed appropriate by the physician. In addition to the evaluations, each executive receives a membership at Connected Health for three months following the physical for any follow up appointments, preventative care, assessments or sick visits.

With career burnout recognized as a medical condition and the immeasurable costs associated with a CEO or business owner becoming ill, investing in an executive physical and preventative care can provide significant peace of mind to the patient, his/her family and their company

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