April 26, 2024
Holiday Hazards: How Concierge Care Can Help

Discover the common health problems that arise during the holidays, including spikes in chronic diseases, excessive stress, and potential injuries, and how our concierge primary care in Pittsburgh, PA can provide preventative care and support to ensure a healthier and happier holiday season.

Stress During the Holidays | Direct Primary Care - Pittsburgh, PA

3 common health problems that arise during the holidays, and how we can offer our gift of help

​The holidays are here, and everyone is excited to spend quality time with family and have a few justifiable cheat days from their diet. While this is a time meant for fun, there are some health concerns to watch out for when this season comes around. Whether it’s an injury in the family football game or increased blood pressure from the feast, you need to be careful this holiday season. We’ve outlined 3 common health problems that arise during the holidays, and how we can offer our gift of help.

  • Spikes in Chronic Disease

During the holiday season, most gatherings will consist of indulgent feasts filled with everyone’s favorite foods. If you are living with chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, and more, your symptoms may increase during the festivities. Not sticking to your exercise routine and letting up on your healthy diet can be a risk when you have a chronic health condition.

As the holidays approach, you can take preventative measures by making sure your health is in good condition and making a plan for the holidays. With Concierge Primary Care, we can help you practice preventative care and make sure you are prepared for the holidays. We offer health exams and blood work to let you know what condition you are in and what risks you should look out for.

As a part of your primary care package, you will also receive a nutrition consultation, just in time for the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner. With a clear understanding of your health and nutritional goals, you can make arrangements for some healthy alternatives to supply at the celebration, and know exactly what you should and shouldn’t indulge in.

  • Excessive Stress

The happiness of the holidays also comes with a lot of added stress. Family gatherings, event planning, tight budgets, and gift-giving can all contribute to elevated stress levels and low moods. Not only can stress affect your physical health, but it can also harm your mental health. If you already suffer from mental illnesses like anxiety or depression, this can make the season especially challenging for you. Many people go undiagnosed with depression and these stressful situations can make them feel helpless if they don’t know why they are feeling the way they do.

With concierge care, you can prepare for the stressful season with depression screenings and specialized health screenings. When you are aware of what you are going through and what might trigger you, it can be easier to maneuver through holiday events. For instance, if you recognize that having your entire family around will put you on edge, you can make arrangements for a few small gatherings rather than one big one. When you can prepare for the holiday season, you can lower the possibility of high-stress situations.

  • Injuries 

This holiday season, you might find yourself in a friendly game of touch football or going on a family hike. Being active during the holidays comes with added risks, as people might be playing these games after having one too many drinks, or you may not be on the right terrain for an impromptu game of football. People who aren’t normally physically active may join in on the fun, which can also put them at risk for injuries. The best way to avoid injuries this season is to be prepared.

The concierge primary care package offers both personal training and physical therapy consultations. Knowing how your body feels and reacts to movement can put you a step ahead when you decide to engage in physical activity. With personal training under your belt, you’ll likely have some knowledge of how to stretch and warm-up before you begin your game, lowering your risk for injury. In the case that you do hurt yourself while throwing the ball around, you are entitled to a physical therapy consultation as well. Whether you are taking preventative measures or are already feeling some soreness, concierge primary care can help you prevent further injuries this holiday season.

The holidays are meant to be fun, and health concerns shouldn’t stop you! As long as you are prepared and continue to take care of yourself, you will have a great festive season. With concierge care, we are proactive about your health and we help you practice preventative care. When you practice preventative care with Connected Health, you can enjoy a healthier, higher-quality holiday experience, as well as avoid reactive healthcare costs for any holiday party fouls.

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