Mike Marchese

Personal Trainer

Mike Marchese III is one of our highly specialized personal trainers at Connected Health, LLC in Wexford, PA. He completed his undergraduate degree at Edinboro University and received a dual master's degree at California University of Pennsylvania in sport psychology and human performance.

He is passionate about helping clients reach their athletic goals and helping others maintain a healthy lifestyle. Mike brings an incredible ability to adjust his training plans on the fly and manage his time to ensure he stays ahead of potential issues with equipment, scheduling, and communicating with clients. More than one of Mike’s Athletic Republic athletes have received Division 1 athletic scholarships. As a staffed trainer, Mike also leads new personal trainers on best practices, both with clients and behind the scenes.  

When asked how his work at Connected Health has impacted him, Mike said, “Working with people and becoming a part of their health journey and lives has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Whether their goal is to lose weight or make the team, it is such a pleasure to see someone reach their goals and move onto the next step. Experiencing my client’s successes keeps me motivated to help the next person as well.”

 In his home life, Mike loves anything to do with football. Watching, playing, discussing (sometimes debating) anything to do with football or sports in general is a good place to start when getting to know Mike Marchese. He is also an avid gamer when the opportunity arises. Mike is married with two children, one boy and one girl, and enjoys spending time with them and his rescue pup named Daphne.

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