Camille Clarke-Smith, EdD, MS, CHES, CPT

Personal Trainer

Dr. Camille Clarke-Smith is a distinguished wellness advocate, educator, and community leader, whose dedication to holistic health shines through her diverse roles and achievements. With a rich background that intertwines sports, academia, and community service, she stands as a beacon of comprehensive wellness and personal growth.

Camille's journey into the realm of health and fitness began with her love for basketball, an endeavor that, despite being curtailed by an injury, laid the foundation for her unwavering commitment to physical and mental wellbeing. This commitment led her to pursue an impressive educational path, culminating in a BS in Psychology and Sociology, an MS in Exercise Physiology, and a Doctorate in Education from the University of Pittsburgh, alongside a Master’s in Social Work to deepen her holistic approach to wellness.

As a Program Director at UPMC Health Plan, Camille leads innovative health initiatives that meld spiritual and community engagement, showcasing her ability to integrate wellness into various aspects of life. Her personal venture, Camille Clarke LLC, offers an extensive array of services, from personal training to health coaching, underpinned by her philosophy of "Personal Wellness. Mental Fitness. Personal Success." This holistic approach aims to achieve a balanced life where physical, mental, and emotional health are in harmony.

Camille’s commitment to social well-being is also evident in her leadership of T.H.A.W Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to improving the health of African American women through initiatives like the R.I.S.E Book Club and the B.Y.E program. As the First Lady and Praise Leader at Destiny International Ministries, she further enriches her community’s spiritual life.

A testament to her dedication to fitness is her success in figure competitions, where she earned the status of an OCB Pro and was a top 3 National NPC Competitor. Camille’s extensive qualifications, including certifications as a yoga instructor, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, and Functional Specialist, allow her to create personalized wellness plans for her clients, making each journey unique.

At the gym, Camille Clarke-Smith is not just a trainer; she is a guide and ally in your health and wellness journey. Her comprehensive approach to fitness, mental resilience, and community engagement inspires and empowers individuals to achieve their best selves, both physically and spiritually.

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