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Comprehensive Concierge Medicine 

Additional Patient Programs

The short, hasty visits most people are used to having with their traditional primary care providers rarely leave time to address the more specialized, targeted areas of healthcare. But why are these areas less important than what’s covered in your general exam? The truth is, they’re not, and you deserve a more comprehensive care experience that addresses every aspect of your health in a personalized way.

At Connected Health, we offer a multitude of services in addition to our one-on-one concierge primary care that focus directly on you as an individual. In a concierge environment, your care team will work with fewer patients and allot more time for each appointment they schedule. This way, we can address all of the important aspects of your health, not just the parts we “have time” for. 

If you’re ready to challenge expectations, break the mold, and try a better way of offering your family the medical care they need, the time is now. Schedule your first consultation with Connected Health and get started today!

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Keeping Pilots Happy and Healthy

Aviation Medicine

Connected Health is dedicated to keeping pilots healthy and flying safely. We specialize in Aviation Medical Examinations,
Aviation Health and Aviation COVID-19 Testing.

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One-On-One Personalized Care for Women

Women’s Health Services

In order to live happy, health lives, women have specific care and testing needs that must be addressed on a regular basis. From PAP smears to breast exams, Connected Health is here to support you in all the ways you need as a woman. We can also help you stay on top of these necessary services, making sure you always know what’s going on with your body.

Reach Your Weight Loss & Fitness Goals with Connected Health 

Weight Loss, Fitness & Nutrition Programs

Traditional “weight loss” programming at other Wexford gyms presents many of the same issues -- and underwhelming results -- as mainstream primary care. At Connected Health, we know that medical weight loss solutions don’t just come in a bottle. We’re proud to offer comprehensive fitness programming that also includes nutrition guidance from a trained, licensed professional.

Manage Your Chronic Pain with Connected Health

Pain Management Program

Whatever the cause may be, chronic pain can be one of the most debilitating, life-altering conditions a person can experience. If you’re living with chronic pain, the team at Connected Health is here to help you manage your symptoms effectively and safely while seeking to treat your condition at the source.

Physical Therapy Treatment Plans for A Fast Recovery

Physical Therapy & Massage Therapy

If you’ve been injured, you’re considering a surgical procedure, or you’re in recovery after surgery, physical therapy is not an option but a necessity. That said, not all physical therapy is created equal, and many traditional physical therapists are focused less on your individual recovery and more on getting you out the door. At Connected Health, we’re committed to standing with you at every step of your recovery. We even offer massage therapy for patients who can benefit from a professional pair of hands!

Bringing Healthcare To Your Home

In-Home Healthcare Services

One of the best, most impactful elements of concierge care is our ability to meet every patient where they are in their healthcare journey, and in some cases, we’re called upon to do so literally. The physicians at Connected Health are proud to offer in-home services to patients with restricted mobility, compromised immune concerns, or who would just prefer to be seen in the comfort, convenience and safety of home.