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Improve your game with a Comprehensive Sports Physical and Heart Screening from Connected Health. Don't settle for a quick appointment that only provides a piece of paper with a signature.

Our three levels of Comprehensive Sports Physicals are competitively priced to give every athlete the preparation they need for the sports season.
Sports Health Risk Assessment
EKG (electrocardiogram)
Completion of all school or league paperwork
Baseline Sport Gait Concussion Screening

Sports Physicals

Get comprehensive sports physicals that truly prepare you for the season, not just a quick appointment with a signature. Choose from two levels of exams at competitive prices to ensure you're ready to play at your best.
$50 - $75
Level 1 - Level 2
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The primary goal of the Connected Heart Program is to identify athletes who have undiagnosed or unrecognized cardiovascular abnormalities that place them at a higher risk for Sudden Cardiac Arrest.
Sport Gait Concussion Screening Included
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Why does my child need a comprehensive sports physical?
Even if your league or school does not require certain documentation that your doctor can fill out at a physical, having a comprehensive exam prior to the sports season can prevent you or your child from becoming injured or triggering an undetected condition that puts them at risk while they play.
What is included in the “virtual access” I receive following my sports physical?
Following one of our sports physicals, you and your family will have full access to our dedicated sports medicine specialist via phone, text, and video.
I have never heard of an EKG in a sports physical, why is this included?
An Electrocardiogram is an important screening tool to check your child's heart as it beats and blood moves through it. Abnormal results may mean there is a problem with your child's heart. Connected Health physicians believe a sports physical should include a screening of an athlete's heart in order to clear them for play.
Does an EKG hurt?
No. An Electrocadiogram (EKG) is a painless test that measures the electical activity of the heart.
What is an Echocardiogram? And why is it included in the Connected Heart Program?
An Echocardiogram is an ultrasound of the heart to show how your child's heart muscles and valves are working. It's like an X-ray but without radiation. This test is used in children to diagnose or rule out heart abnormalities.Our program goal is to identify athletes who have an undiagnosed or unrecognized cardiovascular abnormality that place them at a higher risk for SCA (sudden cardiac arrest).
Does an Echocardiogram hurt?
No. You will not feel anything during the test except some coolness from the gel and slight pressure from the transducer.

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