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Students, Airmen, private, and commercial pilots trust Connected Health to keep them cleared to fly. Our AMEs  work within the system and are extremely familiar with the nuances of the FAA administrative process. We also offer ATC exams for non-FAA employed air traffic controllers.

Connected Health goes above and beyond with every patient from the moment you are greeted at the desk until you leave, paperwork in hand. Read on to make sure you're ready for your FAA Physical at Connected Health.

ATPs save time as our AMEs manage special issuances, CACIs, and SODA to make your certifications as seamless as possible and without any extra fees.

All pilots must acquire the appropriate documentation from the FAA MedXPress Portal.

First Class Medical Privileges are required for those operating as an airline transportation pilot (ATP). These exams include an EKG available at Connected Health.

Second Class Medical Privileges are required for those operating for hire as commercial pilots.  

Third Class Medical Privileges are required for those operating as private pilots, recreational pilots, and student pilots who are flying solo.  
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  • First Class Medical Privilege w/ EKG $249
  • All Other FAA Physicals $199
  • Price includes any required special issuances, CACI, and SODA

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Where other AMEs are concerned with getting you in and out of their office as quickly as possible, the concierge providers at Connected Health are dedicated to making time for each patient, thoroughly answering any questions you have, and truly ensuring that you’re all set to fly.

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