Stacey Ailes

Concierge Services Manager

Stacey Ailes is the Concierge Services Manager at Connected Health, LLC in Wexford, PA. She hails from Cleveland but is a tried-and-true black and gold girl now!

During her time in Pittsburgh, Stacey homeschooled her three children, developed a co-op for other homeschooling families, and stayed involved with church activities as a pastor’s wife and member of the congregation. Once her children graduated, Stacey found her place in the home health industry, where she worked prior to Connected Health for twelve years.  

When two Pittsburgh-area home health companies entered a joint venture, Stacey maintained oversight of and assisted in developing new scheduling protocols. This role involved close management of patient and provider schedules as the merging of the companies’ caseloads combined two systems into one. Following the merge, Stacey supervised the combined scheduling team which grew from eight to twenty-three schedulers in under two years.

At Connected Health, Stacey delights in getting to know people and having the opportunity to work with potential and established clients to make sure they receive the best possible care. She appreciates the caring environment Connected Health offers and is thankful for a practice where the client’s needs can be addressed outside of the constraints of insurance companies.

In her spare time Stacey teaches private and public paper crafting classes with the goal of providing a creative outlet for others to enjoy expressing themselves while making new friends. She also remains active in her area church and is energized by organizing events including an annual women’s conference for several hundred attendees.

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