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Interviews with our CEO, Betty Rich and Physicians, Andrew DeMarco, MD, and      Christopher Conti, MD.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, Dr. Chris wants to help ensure household safety in anticipation of your child returning home from college. We want to help make this return as smooth and safe as possible for everyone with our fast and convenient COVID-19 testing.

Hear what our patients have to say about the care we provide!

This time of the year is typically characterized by our desire to gather socially for holiday related events. Do you have a holiday COVID-19 plan? 📽️ Dr. Chris Conti explains our exciting, innovative, and evidence based program to help you plan for your holiday gatherings.

Over the years, Concierge Medicine has become much more accessible to individuals, families, and businesses! Connected Health has made access to comprehensive healthcare incredibly affordable. 📽️Dr. Chris Conti shares why he believes concierge medicine is a good fit for everyone!

What makes Connected Health different? Our patient centered approach to health & wellness places you at the center of all that we do!

Planning to vote in person on November 3rd?🇺🇸 Dr. Chris Conti has some great tips to help keep you safe and healthy.

Frustrated with traditional primary care? Here's why Connected Health is for you!

In celebration of National Lung Month, Dr. Chris Conti shares some facts about these incredible organs as well as important information about maintaining your own lung health.👨‍⚕️

Let's Talk Covid: Part 3
Dr. Chris Conti explains the second of the two CDC best practices for navigating periods of quarantine: the Test-Based Strategy.

Lets Talk Covid: Part 4
As we enter the fall and winter months, the question arises: Can you tell the difference between the flu and COVID-19?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Dr. Chris Conti reminds us that by working together we can fight fear and stigma with facts and science as every new discovery gets us one step closer to the answers that may one day eradicate breast cancer.

Introducing Dr. Christopher Conti
Let's Talk Covid: Part 1
Today Dr. Chris Conti is focusing on COVID-19 & Quarantine
Let's Talk COVID: Part 2
Today Dr. Chris is discussing the Time & Symptom Based Approach to quarantine.
Why we started Connected Health.
The time and attention you deserve.
Pittsburgh's premier health & wellness center.
What makes Connected Health different?
Why Concierge Medicine is right for you.
Relationship-based medicine.