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We Care As Much About Your Health As You Do.

Connected Health is proactive, preventative, and patient-centered primary care.

Our mission is to help you reach your health & wellness goals.

We provide patients with a wide variety of professionals that include a primary care physician, pharmacist, nutritionist, top of the line fitness center and physical therapist.

We look forward to taking care of you!

Our Experienced Concierge Doctors

Andrew Demarco, MD, FACP
Andrew Demarco, MD, FACP
Internal Medicine
Christopher Conti, MD
Christopher Conti, MD
Emergency Medicine
Suzanne Wolf, DO
Suzanne Wolf, DO
Physician/Family Practice

Your Dedicated Team

Betty_4uU80MZ.jpeg (Betty.webp)

Betty Rich, RPh

CEO, Co-Founder
mike-fox.jpeg (mike-fox.webp)

Mike Fox

President, Co-Founder
diane_Wi51ijB.jpeg (diane.webp)

Diane Brant

Executive Director of Operations
alex_a-1.jpeg (alex_a-1.webp)

Alex Arnold

Director of Fitness
teralyn-1.jpeg (teralyn-1.webp)

Teralynn Garbade

Manager of Operations and Productivity
Carla-1.jpeg (Carla-1.webp)

Carla Claus, LPN

Patient Care Coordinator
H_Canil_E0YWQTB.jpeg (H_Canil.webp)

Hannah Canil

Medical Office Assistant
caitlin-1.jpeg (caitlin-1.webp)

Caitlin Krimbel

Medical Receptionist
lexi-1.jpeg (lexi-1.webp)

Lexi McClure

Nursing Assistant
kim-1.jpeg (kim-1.webp)

Kim Bradley

Medical Receptionist
dan_g-1.jpeg (dan_g-1.webp)

Dan Glatz

Physical Therapist
danielle_t-1.jpeg (danielle_t-1.webp)

Danielle Toombs

Administrative Assistant
ashley_h-1.jpeg (ashley_h-1.webp)

Ashley Hooman

Front Desk Receptionist
avery_h-1.jpeg (avery_h-1.webp)

Avery Howsare

Personal Trainer
mike_m-1.jpeg (mike_m-1.webp)

Mike Marchese

Personal Trainer
Business Administration Intern
nicole_s-2.jpeg (nicole_s-2.webp)

Rita Singer

rita_s-1.jpeg (rita_s-1.webp)

Nicole Schneider

Massage Therapist