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Get Started With Concierge Medicine

How it Works

Many patients who are seeking a different, better way to receive the healthcare they need are intimidated by concierge medicine. They’ve heard that it’s expensive, difficult to find, and that there are impossible hoops to jump through in order to get started. Many of these patients end up abandoning the idea of going concierge, instead falling into the same old patterns of healthcare that leave them feeling that there’s something missing from their relationship with their doctor and their own health.

At Connected Health, we want to assure you that signing up for concierge medicine is easier and more accessible than you ever imagined! We want to remove as many obstacles as we can in order to help you receive the highest-quality medical attention possible.

If you’re ready to break the mold and try a more effective method for receiving the medical care you need, the time is now. Read more about how to sign up and schedule your first consultation with Connected Health today!

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Learn About Our Three-Step Process

We Make Concierge Medicine Easy

Ready to challenge expectations, try a better way, and sign up for concierge medicine with Connected Health? Here’s how it works:

We make scheduling your first consultation as easy as possible. Just fill out the new patient form right here on our website, or call our office. We’ll arrange a time that’s right for you to converse with one of our team members about your needs and goals.

Step One to Two

Once we’ve established your plan, we’ll schedule 1-2 hours of one-on-one time for you and your doctor. This allows you both to really get to know one another while creating a personalized plan to manage your health.

Step Two to Three

Once you’ve established your relationship with one of our physicians, you’ll have access to unlimited office visits, whether you’re sick or simply due for a well check. You’ll also have the ability to text, call or video chat with your doctor any time you need to, day or night.

With Connected Health, your doctor and medical team are always at your fingertips, providing you with the one-on-one guidance and peace of mind you need to make informed decisions about your health.

Traditional Primary Care Vs. Concierge Primary Care

Traditional Primary Care Concierge Primary Care
Patients per doctor: 2,000Patients per doctor: 500
Sees 25-35 patients a daySees 6-10 patients a day
Average wait time for appointment: 24 daysAverage wait time for appointment: Same day
Average waiting room time: 25 minutesAverage waiting room time: 5 minutes
Average wait time in exam room: 16 minutesAverage wait time in exam room: 0 minutes
Average time spent with doctor: 13-24 minutesAverage time spent with doctor: 60 minutes
Average allotted appointment time: 15 minutesAverage allotted appointment time: 30-120 minutes

Meet Our Doctors

Andrew Demarco, MD, FACP

Andrew DeMarco, MD, FACP

Internal Medicine
Christopher Conti, MD

Christopher Conti, MD

Emergency Medicine