August 25, 2023
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Is Concierge Medicine Right For Me? ​

Discover if concierge medicine at Connected Health is right for you—a personalized, proactive healthcare experience available to everyone, regardless of wealth, offering unlimited services for a flat monthly fee, fostering equal treatment and investment in your health. Schedule a free consultation to learn more!

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The term concierge medicine or direct primary care may conjure up visions of the television series Royal Pains where two docs were on call 24/7 for the rich and famous at a cost of thousands of dollars per month in retainer fees. While that makes for funny TV, it’s not reality in most direct primary care practices and it creates a lot of misinformation about who should consider direct primary care.

In short, direct primary care is for anyone and everyone who wants a more personalized, preventative and proactive healthcare experience. It’s not for the uber-wealthy. It’s not an exclusive club. It’s for people who’ve had enough of the traditional medical model and want a better relationship with their doctor.

Direct primary care is simply a membership-based medical practice that provides a menu of services for one flat fee per month. In the case of Connected Health, our plans for an individual start at $199 a month and include unlimited office visits and physician consults 24/7, on-site blood draws/labs, pharmacy access, fitness center access, consults with our dietitian, personal trainers and physical therapist. When you consider the individual costs of each of their services (not to mention your time setting up and going to appointments), direct primary care is an economical way to get the primary care you need and deserve.

Connected Health members include all walks of life, across the economic spectrum and from around the region. When you walk into our facility, you are not defined by your income, career or education level. Everyone is treated equally because they are all investing the same amount of time and money into their health.

We welcome you to come check us out, talk to our staff and our patient references, and tour the facility. Our doors are open to all!

Learn more about who should come to Connected Health in this short video with our physician, Dr. Andy. And, be sure to visit our Contact Us page to schedule a free consultation with our team to see if we are the right fit for you and your family.

For those who want better when it comes to their health.

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