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COVID-19 Testing

Life doesn't have to stop because of COVID and Connected Health can help!




Appointments readily available Monday - Friday, 8 am-4 pm

NO Membership Required for Testing!
  • Gold Standard PCR testingĀ 

  • $75/test (Connected Health's fee to administer test)

  • The lab will bill your insurance for the test itself

  • Testing done from the comfort of your car

  • Testing process only takes a few minutes

  • Results in 24-48 hours

  • For the cost of the test, you will also receive 30 days of virtual access to a dedicated physician for any follow-up

Holiday Testing: Event Gathering

Does your family need help developing a plan for Thanksgiving?

Our expert COVID-19 physician can walk you through creating a realistic plan to host or attend a Thanksgiving gathering.

Workplace Testing: 'Return-to-Earn'

COVID-19 testing for employees on-site or at our convenient Wexford location for testing and post-testing follow-up.

School Testing: 'Return-to-Learn'

Any student teacher or other school district employee can be directed to our convenient Wexford location for testing and post-testing follow-up.

Sports Testing: 'Return-to-Play'

Get your athlete back in the game, healthy and safe!

Connected Health COVID-19 Testing

Streamlined, Standardized and Evidence-Based

No Symptoms Required

Easy To Schedule

By Appointment - No Waiting

Drive-Up Testing

Testing Process Only Takes A Few Minutes

Results In 24-48 Hours

"The COVID testing process was extremely fast and convenient. I found out a family member I was with for the weekend tested positive. I wanted to get tested right away. I called Connected Health and within 20 minutes I had an appointment and the test administered." -B.G.

"I was so anxious about hosting a responsible, safe gathering - I'm so glad I called Connected Health!" - B.S.

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