Niki Campbell, MS, NDTR, CPT, CHC

Flourish Wellness Coaching

After more than 20 years in a successful corporate career, Niki Campbell found herself diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases and on a path to personal and professional burnout. Knowing this lifestyle was not sustainable, she made a major professional move that would allow her to take control of her own health and help others who, like her, had neglected their well-being in pursuit of a successful career.

Niki returned to school to obtain a degree in dietetics and nutrition as well as certifications in personal training and health coaching and eventually a Master’s degree in Health and Human Performance. All this education was in pursuit of creating a different kind of wellness coaching focused on the unique challenges of busy professionals and led to the launch of The Flourish Group in 2019. The Flourish Group has a dual mission of providing nutrition, fitness and lifestyle coaching to individuals, and helping organizations create healthier, happier, and more productive workplaces.

From the beginning, TheFlourish Group’s approach to wellness has been rooted in The Five Foundations of Flourishing (stress management, sleep, hydration, nutrition, and fitness).They focus on building simple, safe, and sustainable programs that incorporate habits that are meant to last a lifetime. Their clients enjoy results such as higher levels of energy, increased strength and mobility, better weight management, and more confidence.

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