Sanitas Skincare®: Made for results.

When our skin looks and feels good, we tend to feel better about ourselves. A skin-care routine can help boost confidence and mental health. Experts have found that following a simple skincare routine can lower the amount of cortisol (stress hormone), in your body by up to 83%. One of the reasons behind this is that a skincare routine is relaxing – massaging your face during product application helps lower your heart rate.

Confidence is a mental health booster and a skincare routine can increase your confidence. One of the first things that other people see is our skin. When our skin is looking good, we tend to feel better. One recent study found that 76% of women surveyed said they felt confident about themselves if they thought their skin looked good.

Betty Rich, Connected Health’s CEO & lead pharmacist has searched for years to find a skincare regimen that not only worked, but one that also used clean, non-toxic formulas. “Discovering Sanitas Skincare® products has changed my skin. Sanitas products train your skin to behave healthier and younger. And who doesn’t want younger looking skin!?”

Skincare routines can also provide structure to your day. Taking time at the beginning and end of your day to do something positive for yourself is important. Even something as seemingly simple as cleansing your face can start a positive chain reaction of thoughts and actions that helps your productivity during the day and can lead to better sleep at night.

Take a look inside Betty’s morning and nightly routine:

Betty is 54 years old. Her skincare goals are to reduce redness, increase hydration, decrease fine lines, and reduce under eye puffiness.


Step 1: Cleanser: (I like to mix it up!)
Lemon Cream Cleanser or Milk and Honey Cleanser (daily cleanser)

Glycolic Citrus Cleanser (3x/week) along with the GlycoSolution 5% (skin exfoliator 3x/week)

Step 2: Toner: La Mer The Tonic (please note - not a Sanitas product)

Step 3: Vita K (applied under eyes and on areas of redness)

Step 4: Serum/Moisturizer: Vita C Serum or Oil Free Moisturizer

Step 5: Conditioning Lip Polish


Step 1: Cleanser: Lemon Cream Cleanser or Milk and Honey Cleanser (daily cleanser)
Step 2: Toner: La Mer The Tonic (please note - not a Sanitas product)

Step 3: Eye Cream: PeptiDerm Eye Treatment

Step 4: Moisturizer: PeptiDerm Moisturizer

Step 5: Conditioning Lip Polish

Daily: I also love using the Moisture Mist a few times a day. It is a perfect skin refresher!

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